Photo via SoHo House Malibu Website

The Little Beach House Malibu is a small, local club for the creative community of Malibu and the surrounding coastal areas. The club is known for it’s magnificent dining room, bar, sitting room and terrace. Below is everything you need to know about the Little Beach House Malibu! 


How it all began

Soho House was founded in London in 1995 as a place for people working in creative fields to join together in a community setting. There are SoHo Houses located in the UK, Berlin, Istanbul, Barcelona, New York, West Hollywood, Miami, Chicago, Toronto and now Malibu. 


Unlike other members-only clubs, which often focus on wealth and status, SoHo House’s goal is to assemble communities of members that have something in common: a creative soul. Members of SoHo House often work in creative industries, with the film, fashion, advertising, music, art and media sectors, among others, heavily represented.


You have to apply to gain access to the club — even if you’re a SoHo House Member

“We respect the communities that we go to, and everyone in Malibu was really passionate about keeping this club within the fabric of what the city is,” Soho House membership director Samantha Stone explained to the Hollywood Reporter in 2016. “So members have the opportunity to apply and explain why they want to access Malibu — and to see if it’s for the right reasons. Maybe you live there, or you have a house there, or you grew up there, or you surf there, or you are a photographer who shoots there. There are various justifications. That was the best course of action to keep it really aligned with what Malibu believes in.”


Types of Memberships 

SoHo House offers four different types of memberships:

    • Little Beach House Malibu Every House
    • Under 27 Little Beach House Malibu Every House 
    • Little Beach House Malibu Local House 
    • Under 27 Little Beach House Malibu Local House


Each membership gives you access to all facilities at Little Beach House Malibu, including the club bar and restaurant, outdoor terraces, and sitting room with ocean views and monthly event programming.


The Little Beach House Malibu Every House membership also gives you access to every SoHo House in the world. 


*If you are a current Every House member and would like to have access to Little Beach House Malibu, you can apply to add Malibu to your current membership via the Soho House app or