Dragon Boat Festival

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Marina del Rey Events

Marina del Rey is hosting its first-ever Dragon Boat Festival and dragon boat race this Saturday with the support of local sponsors


Dragon boat racing is a sport created over 2,000 years ago in China. As many as 20 paddlers control each boat, with a drummer at the head of the boat to sound off the paddlers' pace.


The dragon boats get their name from their beautifully designed, dragon-like features. The boat includes a dragon head, the body of the boat is adorned in scales, and there is even a dragon tail. 


The Marina will be bright with a colorful array of nearly 40 dragon boats, with teams of all kinds coming to compete. There will be an opening ceremony at 10:30 am and an awards ceremony at 3:30 pm.


If you’re interested in checking out Marina del Rey’s first Dragon Boat Festival, head over to Burton Chace Park on Saturday, March 5, between 8 am and 3:30 pm. Enjoy food, live music, and of course, the dragon boat races! Spectator admission is free.