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With summer rolling in, more and more surfers are making their way out onto the water. With that, there are also newcomers heading out into the water with little knowledge of how to stay safe in the Californian waves. Because of that, we thought we would present all of the novice surfers out there a Do’s and Don’ts of surfing in Silicon Beach!


DO: Start Surfing in the Late Spring or Early Summer

Believe it or not, the time of year that you begin surfing actually greatly impacts your success in the sport. You want to ease your way into surfing and in the summer the waves are manageable enough for newcomers, once the Fall rolls around, the waves get larger and more intimidating. Starting now also means that you only need to invest in one wetsuit, instead of the multiple that are key to staying warm in the cold autumn Pacific waters.


DON’T: Try Too Much, Too Fast

Remember, just because you can now stand up on your board and you had a couple of good runs, does not mean that you are ready for crazy tricks. The waves are not always forgiving and you can severely hurt yourself if you do too much too soon. Follow this tip and you’ll thank us in the future when you don’t have any broken bones!


DO: Get to the Beach Early in the Morning

As difficult as it is to get out of bed early on a weekend morning, getting an early start is a crucial part of learning to surf. In the morning the winds are lower, therefore the water is smoother. Without the choppy waves and the screaming children playing on the beach, you’ll get tranquil morning out on the water.


DON’T: Wear a Wetsuit in the Dead of Summer

News Flash: Southern California Summers are HOT. Though wetsuits are traditional surf attire throughout the rest of the year, wearing one in the middle of the summer can be dangerous. You can very easily overheat whiles surfing in the California Summer sun, so stick to a usual sporting bathing suit.


DO: Download the Surfline App

Checking your Surfline App before arriving is always a good idea. It will keep you posted about the water conditions and weather forecasts so you know what your getting into before you even leave your house!


If you’re not one for apps, there always the old school tide charts, that can help you decided when and where to surf!