Conserving Water

Summer in Los Angeles


Summer is here, and the heat is rising over the city! With the warm weather, now is a perfect time to start practicing water conservation.


The best part of saving water is that you can do it from the comfort of your home. Check out how!



1. Wash When Full

Running your washing machine only when it is a full load can save as much as 45 gallons of water per wash. As a bonus tip, washing clothes in cold water is a simple way to conserve energy!



2. Shower to Save

Shower habits are a great way to practice water conservation. Taking quick five-minute showers is helpful, but you can also consider purchasing a low-pressure showerhead if that feels a bit rushed. If neither of these options work, try using a bucket to catch water while the shower warms up. You can use this for other things as well, like watering plants.



3. Look For Leaks

Taking care of any leaks around your home can save hundreds of gallons of water per day. Finding leaks right away is also financially beneficial because you can prevent any significant water damage to your home.



4. Turn Water Off

When brushing our teeth or washing dishes, there is the potential to waste a lot of water. Turning the tap off when brushing our teeth and filling the sink with water instead of running the faucet when washing dishes are effective ways to practice water conservation.


5. Avoid Afternoon Watering
To save water and ensure your plants get all the moisture they need, consider watering in the early morning or evening. Midday heat and sunshine cause water to evaporate at a faster rate. Watering from a can instead of a hose conserves water as well.