California is Out of Extreme Drought, Now What? 



These last few weeks California has been receiving more rain than it has in years. Although it seems like a good thing, a lot of California was not prepared to receive so much rain. Today we have a few tips on how to catch rain water and other alternatives such as drought resistant yards. There are very few states where collecting rainwater is illegal, however, here in California it is permitted as long as the usage abides by California State Water Resources Control Board. 


The simplest and most affordable way to catch rainwater, or what some know as harvesting rainwater, is with the use of rain barrels. You can use these to collect rainwater from your gutter system. Rainwater can be used for many non drinking purposes such as cleaning and water plants. Although it seems like a relatively easy task, you do need to make sure you are maintaining your water to avoid algae from growing in it. This can be done by removing all debris and buildup in your gutters and downspouts. A dry system is another great option for water harvesting, in this case the gutter system needs to be redesigned so it diverts water to large storage tanks. 


Another great thing you can do is shift to a drought resistant yard. This allows you to keep a nice looking yard while being mindful of your water usage. This calls for switching out your plants to water-efficient plants, using less grass or drought tolerant grass as well as using rocks and wood mulch for decoration. Switching over to a drought resistant yard, also comes with the benefit of a rebate. As of November of 2022, the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power’s turf replacement rebate will be paying residential and commercial customers $5 per square foot as part of their incentive.