When people think LA, they immediately think about the year long sun and mild weather. A rarely discussed perk of living near Los Angeles is the proximity to world class mountains. Simply drive 2 hours and you have left behind the noise and warm LA weather, for freshly fallen snow. Whether you’re looking for a weekend getaway or a week long retreat, we have the best ski resorts to explore this winter. 




Snow Valley


Pack up the car and drive 2 hours and 30 minutes from LA to the Snow Valley Mountain Resort, tucked into San Bernadino National Forest. Snow Valley operates under a special permit from the United States Forest Service and is the oldest continually operating ski resort in Southern California. 


Nearly 100 years ago, the site was developed as a lumber mill and roadside resort — by the 1930s, slopes were developed for tobogganing and skiing. Snow Valley featured one of the first overhead cable ski lifts in the country, and today the mountain boasts 240 acres of skiiable terrain, including 12 lifts and two terrain parks.

Lift ticket pricing: $69–$85 for adults (ages 22–64); $59–$75 for young adult (ages 13–21); $29–$39 for children (ages 7–12); $59–$75 for seniors (ages 65–69).




Mountain High


Just 2 hours and 30 minutes from LA, Mountain High is a great option for a weekend getaway! According to Timeout Los Angeles, Hikers and skiiers began using the area currently known as Mountain High, along the CA-2, back in the 1920s, with extra attention being paid in 1929 when construction began on the world’s largest ski jump at the time in an attempt to attract a bid for the 1932 Winter Olympics. 


The resort has changes quiet a bit since its first year of operation in 1937, skiiers were hauled up the mountain with a rope tow. Today, the resort is split into three different areas, with lift tickets valid at each area and shuttles running between them.

Lift ticket pricing: $79–$84; free for children 6 and under and seniors 70 and older.




Bear Mountain & Snow Summit


Two of the more popular mountains near LA, are sister mountains Bear Mountain and Snow Summit, which are just 3 hours away from LA.


Snow Summit has a mid-sized resort, with 1,209 feet of elevation and 240 acres of skiable terrain. A majority of the runs at Snow Summit are Blues, but small beginner area is a great place to start for anyone who’s just learning.


While Snow Summit is for the beginners and the moderate skiiers, Bear Mountain nicknamed “the Park” for its irregular terrain. The mountain also offers an additional 24 traditional runs, mostly comprised of intermediate blues and blacks (only 15 percent of the mountain is designated for beginners). Bear Mountain boasts three main peaks, including Bear’s Peak, Southern California’s highest peak, served by a lift at just over 8,800 feet. 

Lift ticket pricing: $71–$109 for adults (ages 18–64); $58–$89 for teen (ages 13–17); $28–$44 for children (ages 5–12); $58–$89 for seniors (ages 65–79).