Great Trips to take around Los Angeles while people are social distancing 


Los Angeles Getaways

You cooked as much as you can and see as many things as possible, and just last night, you were spotted stocking on indoor plants. Of course, it's time to leave the city for a day. Fortunately, Los Angeles is full of possible destinations. 

Whether you are doing spiritual exploration in the desert, extreme hiking or just gazing at the sea, SoCal can meet your requirements, but sometimes it is difficult to plan, especially in the era of social distance. Therefore, we have outlined top ten destinations, each with its own travel itinerary so that you can (safely) end your day and return to refreshed Los Angeles. 

1. Los Angeles County Beaches Los Angeles County's beaches are now open, but there are restrictions. That is, they are only open for active use such as swimming, cycling, surfing, and hiking. This means that people cannot lie on the beach nor have a picnic. Parking on the beach is open. 

2. County Splash Pads in Los Angeles Los Angeles County will reopen the fenders and swim on the beach on July 9th. Children who play with fenders and swim on the beach do not have to wear masks, but guardians must wear masks and keep their distance. Group meetings are also not allowed. 

3. Disney City Center Various shops and restaurants (including Disney World Stores) have reopened in downtown Disney. They have introduced new health and safety measures under the direction of the health authorities. Wait for a temperature check before entering. Guests 2 years and older must use a face mask. 

4. Oxnard Everyone is looking for new ways to immediately buy quality products. Combine this with your desire to leave town and drive PCH to Oxnard. This coastal farming town in Ventura County is called the "Strawberry Capital of the World" and soon you'll know why. To the naked eye, the strawberry fields are set up on the road and the air constantly emits a sweet and fruity smell - this is strawberry heaven, don't get me wrong, this is the best thing you will have. 

5. IDYLLWILD When you think of the mountainous areas near Los Angeles, you immediately think of Big Bear. However, if you are looking for a real desert vacation, you should contact Idyll Wild. Small towns in the San Jacinto Mountains offer better walks, better scenery, and some people. When you arrive, go straight to the town bakery for coffee, pastries, and one of the best cinnamon rolls you will ever have. Hiking is part of Idyllwild's DNA, so it's easy to find top-notch hiking trails. In other words, you should go to Suicide Rock. Despite its strict name, this six-mile route is relatively easy and offers an exceptional view of Yosemite. 


6. Santa Barbara Santa Barbara is only 90 minutes away from the 101 shopping mall and has long been one of the most popular attractions in Los Angeles. With the rapid emergence of the Funk Zone for wine soaking, you will want to drive directly to Metroulos Fine Foods upon arrival. The family-run Greek market and gourmet restaurant offer delicious takeaway sandwiches and spacious terraces (if you don’t want to dine in the car). Here, prepare hiking shoes when you are going to climb the mountain. Inspiration Point is one of SB's most popular hiking activities. Although the scenery is unparalleled, we like to go for a three-mile hike to Seven Falls, especially in autumn when the waterfalls are still very fierce in spring. Stop for dinner at Bibi Ji. Bibi Ji is an excellent downtown Indian restaurant that currently sells a $25 takeaway tandoor kit as well as courtyard wine and music. Spend a great day on the hood of your car and enjoy the sunset at Loon Point Beach. 

7. Julian Located about an hour east of Santiago, Julian is an old mountain town that is still unpopular on most day trips to Angelenos, which is why we love it so much. In the center of this small town, you'll feel like you're in the old west, while the surrounding countryside offers walks to the Volcano Sanctuary and William Hayes Park. In town, ordering goods through the Julian Pie Company delivery window is your first business. Grab a piece of boysenberry straight away and then one of the famous Dutch apple pies to use at home later. 

8. Los Alamos Los Alamos has always been a dusty cow city. For more than a century, trains have reached the central coast from Santa Barbara. This beauty continues to this day, except that it now has a variety of restaurants, bars and shops, making it one of the most interesting towns in California. Your first stop should be Bob's Well Bread, a small pastry shop/cafe with large side panels and some of our favorite coastal breakfast foods. There are many hiking trails, but the best way to explore the area is by bike. 

9. Palm Springs In all fairness, if your long weekend in Palm Springs is the best to experience it by the pool with a strong cocktail in hand, but if the requirements aren't met at the moment, a day trip is enough. We always start with brunch at Real Italian Deli, a family-run sandwich shop that currently offers street food. The "combination" with meat is our first choice, but if you're looking for something lighter, Capless is sure to come along. From there, hike five miles south of downtown along the Murray Canyon Trail to explore various palm oases and the Seven Sisters waterfalls. If the idea of a desert tour is agonizing for you, pick a day and then travel around town to see all of the mid-century modern homes and pretend you live there. 


10. Central Coast, Of course, you can spend a few weeks walking along the Central Coast, but if you only have one day, we suggest you take I-5 to Paso Robles and then slowly descend along 101. At the Buddha Bowl at Thomas Hill Organics in Paso, grab a beer on the way to Firestone Walker and head south to San Luis Obispo. After getting lost in the tree-lined center of this University City, take photos in front of the legendary Madonna Hotel, otherwise the trip may never have happened.