With Fall creeping in and nighttime temperatures finally beginning to drop to a more comfortable level, moonlight hikes are all the rage. Southern California is a beautiful place to hike, and but summer days are often too hot to take a stroll through the mountains. That’s why locals like to see these beautiful trails through a different lens and get a glimpse of what these trails look like in just the light of the moon.

Below we have compiled a list of our favorite nighttime hiking trails! All you need is a couple of flashlights and a buddy and you’re good to go!


Full Moon Hike at Stough Canyon

Want to see sweeping views of the San Fernando Valley under the stars? Check out Full Moon Hike at Stough Canyon, just east of Downtown Burbank. The 2.4-mile hike will take you one to two hours, and starts at the Stough Canyon Nature Center.


Griffith Park

Griffith Park might be a common place for tourists during the day, but at night the view of Hollywood is breathtaking and something that every local should see at least once. With dozens of hiking trails, there are options for beginners and experienced hikers alike. And if you are looking for some hiking buddies, the Los Angeles chapter of the Sierra Club leads weekly hikes with various difficulty levels.


Beaudry Loop

You’ll want to set aside 3 hours for this 5.5-mile hike, it sounds like a lot of, but it is definitely worth it. The views of Glendale, the San Gabriel Mountains, and the LA basin are breathtaking. And on a clear night you can see all the way out to Catalina Island! This hike is fairly easy to navigate and is a great hike as long as you have the stamina to walk over 5 miles.



Eaton Canyon Nature Center

If you are looking for a kid friendly hike, you might want to look into doing an evening at Eaton Canyon Nature Center. Pack a picnic and explore the nature center before you hike! When the sun goes down get ready to see everything from raccoons to coyotes to wood rats. You might even get to see a scorpion, which is especially cool because they glow in the dark!