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Exploring Ballona Creek


Ballona Creek, as we know it now, is a flood control channel. Waters from the Baldwin Hills and across Santa Monica drain into Ballona Creek. During the rainy season, pollutants like trash and chemicals run into the creek. 


Thankfully, a non-profit organization known as Ballona Creek Renaissance works to bring life back to the Creek. They work to improve the water quality so that it is sustainable to the wildlife and vegetation dependent on the creek and nearby wetlands for survival.


They have also spruced up the appearance of the Creek by adding art and native plants to the area. The organization works to include the community in the process as well, through education and community outreach.


If you are interested in learning more about the history of Ballona Creek, click here!


Ballona Creek has a rich history, but the intrigue doesn’t stop there. Birds of all kinds frequent the Creek, making this an excellent location for birdwatchers and bird photographers alike. 


Birds such as terns, cormorants, osprey, and even curlew fly around Ballona Creek. For a more extensive list of the different types of Ballona Creek birds, click here.


Even if you’re not interested in birds, Ballona Creek is a great place to visit. The Bike Path is open to those looking to take a nice bike ride or get in a 7-mile walk. Views of the water are stunning, and it is a relaxing experience in an otherwise bustling location. 


Click here for more information about the Bike Path and instructions on entering the Path from different streets across the county.


Los Angeles is a prime location for more than live entertainment and achieving career goals. There is also an abundance of opportunities to partake in fun outdoor activities. 

Have fun exploring Ballona Creek, and head over to their website if you are interested in volunteering as well!