If LA traffic isn’t scary enough for you, this Halloween you should check out some of the scariest and spookiest haunted houses in all of Los Angeles! Below we have listed the houses that sure to give you a fright!


Los Angeles Haunted Hayride

This hayride is nothing like the ones from your childhood. Travel through Griffith Park on this long hayride through hell! Warning: if IT gave you a lifelong fear of clowns, then this is NOT for you! This year’s theme revolves around those exceptionally creepy red nosed creatures. If you are a ‘fraidy cat, then opt out of the hayride and take a few trips on the “scary-go-round” instead.


Knott’s Scary Farm

Though this is a little outside of Los Angeles County, Knott’s Scary Farm is so spooky that it had to make the list. This nightmare-inducing event runs until Halloween night and tickets start at just $42 per person. Attractions include CarnEVIL, Dark Ride, Elvira’s Last Show and more!


Into the Black

Go Into the Black alone, but don’t expect to be alone for very long. This haunted house, created by the makeup team behind Halloween Horror Nights Hollywood, forces each of it’s guests to go through the haunted house one at a time. No holding on to your best friend for dear life, especially if you opt for the VR option which allow you to delve deeper into the petrifying back story.


The Haunted Shack

Located in Torrance, CA, this haunted house it free but is sure to leave you shaking. The haunted shack is actually built by that one guy on the block who goes a little over board each Halloween. He builds a maze in his driveway every year that differs greatly depending on the theme. The last few years have been about 1500 sq ft and a 3-4 minute walk through. Screaming and trepidation seems to slow people down, so it might take a little longer. They are low on gore, high on startle and tricks of the eye. If you don't like dark, loud, or ominous situations, you probably wouldn't want to come through, and it is recommended that kids be at least 6 years old to go through. Donations are welcome and all funds raised goes to charity!


Halloween Horror Nights


For the scariest and most realistic haunted house in LA, make your way over to Universal Studios. Not only do you get to enjoy the rides, you get to experience some of the most horrifying haunted houses you have ever seen. Step inside the twisted world of American Horror Story, survive your way through zombies in the Walking Dead Attraction, and say hi to Chucky on he Terror Tram. You will leave having nightmares for a week.