6 Easy Ways to Make Your Home “Smart” 

6 Ways to make your home smart

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Building a smarter home really just means one thing: control. Whether you’re upgrading your current home or building a new one, making it smarter is about making it work better for you by giving you control in more places at more times. 


Here are 6 ways you can do just that. 


1. Get an A.I. assistant. 


The most efficient investment in smart technology for the home is an A.I. assistant. Apple, Google, and Amazon have all created them, and whichever one you get is going to act as the brain for your home network. 


These assistants control all of the other smart devices, such as lights, security systems, kitchen appliances, and whatever else you install. The assistants are created to work best with products made by the same company, so make sure to factor that compatibility into your decision. 


2. Install smart lighting. 


Smart lighting means lights that are connected to your devices through internet and Bluetooth. This gives you control over the lights in your home from your personal devices, like phones and computers, but also from other devices, such as any motion sensors or cameras you may choose to install. 


This is what’s going to make you really feel like you’re in complete control of your new home. Being able to dim or switch the lights from your phone, or even with your voice is going to establish a new standard of control over your environment that you’ll love. 


3. Control your sound.


A crucial part of every environment is the noise. Social events, office spaces, and relaxation environments all benefit from a relevant bed of music in the background. Getting a smart speaker that’s connected to your A.I. Assistant is a great way to immediately get this. 


All of the major assistants come with speakers built in to the base model, but something to consider is the extension speakers that can be placed in other rooms. The idea here is to give you total control over the music and sound in each room of your house, from anywhere. If you’re in a smaller home or apartment, you may not need more than one speaker. But if you do, many major brands make speakers that are designed to be connected to the A.I. Assistant as part of a network. 


4. Smarter temperature. 


One of the cooler ways to manage your home is to connect your thermostat to your assistant. Newer models of thermostats are more accurate, meaning your assistant will be able to more finely tune the temperature of your house to whatever you set it to. 


If you need to make a correction, you can do it with voice commands from anywhere in your house that has a smart speaker, even one of the extension speakers, instead of having to walk to the thermostat. On top of that, they actually consume less electricity due to their smarter design and A.I. management. 


That means new features and lower bills.


5. Smarter sleep.


Easily one of the most important things done in the home, sleeping is something you can have a surprising amount of control over through smart technology. A smart thermostat can help you get that optimal sleeping temperature without having to get out of bed, and a smart bed can automatically make adjustments that help you sleep, as well as track and report your vital statistics during the night.  


This is a powerful tool for getting a more comfortable sleep, but also for scientifically examining what’s going on in your body while you sleep to help give you the best night’s rest you can get. 


6. Smarter security.


No smart home article would be complete without the mention of new security systems. Smart home security means being able to remotely access and monitor things like alarms, cameras, and sensors from anywhere in the world via the internet. 


Just like other home technologies, smart security systems are built on the premise of “if this, then that.” One input from one piece of tech will then trigger an action with another, allowing the system to communicate and keep you safe. 


It’s about providing that peace of mind that comes with being able to monitor and control the safety of your home from anywhere, something parents and frequent travelers might find pretty comforting. 




When you’re starting to look into the smart home scene, there’s going to be a lot waiting for you, and it might seem like too much. Take an evaluative and qualitative approach to exploring different products and technologies. Make sure you find something that is going to make your home life easier and better. That’s how you cut through the online noise and find a way to make your house feel like a home from the future. 


Guest Contributor:


Elise Morgan is a freelance writer from North Carolina that regularly covers health and technology topics for Mattress Advisor. She is especially passionate about understanding and researching helpful tips to making home-life as easy as possible, and loves to educate others on the topic through her writing.