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Silicon Beach Houses are the houses located directly on the Sand in Silicon Beach. We have hand selected properties that are updated daily for our buyers on the hunt for the perfect home just steps from the sand. 

Silicon Beach Houses are easily assessable for the Silicon Beach house hunter who prefers to own a property that has a direct ocean view or located just a hop to the sand. The tight inventory in Silicon Beach makes Silicon Beach Houses that much more desirable.  That is why, we at Silicon Beach Homes make sure that the inventory of Silicon Beach Houses is updated daily to give our tech savvy buyer's a leg up on their home-buying counterparts. Being able to see and access the newest Silicon Beach Houses list daily allows are buyers to see these listings in most cases a lot sooner than other home buyers.  

Silicon Beach Houses in Silicon BeachWe understand it is a tight market now. That is why we have honed our negotiating skills to help our clients secure some of the most lucrative properties located in the Silicon Beach. We make it easy for our buyers to secure their Silicon Beach House with a innovative process.

It's easy..  Scan the listings. Find a property that intrigues you. Schedule an appointment with us.

All done within a couple clicks.

We will be with you through the entire home buying process.  It is our promise that we will be there with you before, during and after the transaction on your Silicon Beach House.

Trust the Silicon Beach Experts to help you navigate the Silicon Beach Houses of the area.

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