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Taking its name from the Spanish phrase “Beach of the King”, Playa del Rey brings its residents some of the coast’s most beautiful beaches. The coastal neighborhood in California is in the Westside of the city of Los Angeles, California. Playa del Rey originated in 1921 as a neighborhood land development called Palisades del Rey.

In the decades since, the community has seen construction and development booms, growing to the perfect size that makes it so attractive to new residents. Today, Playa del Rey gives residents an unbeatable location, while still allowing beautiful scenery and a welcome sense of calmness away from the hustle and bustle.


Activity in Playa del Rey

Beautiful beaches characterized by high sand dunes provide Playa del Rey residents with plenty of room for fun and relaxation. However, the beautiful natural surroundings in Playa del Rey are made up of more than just beaches. The Ballona Creek Wetlands are just a short distance away from the community. Home to a popular bike path that extends throughout the protected area, these freshwater marshes are great for exploring.

There is a bridge that runs from Playa Del Rey to the jetty between Ballona Creek and the Marina that is accessible only by foot or bicycle, closed off to automobiles. This allows for even more enjoyment of Playa del Rey’s natural beauty.

Playa del Rey’s location brings even more conveniences and amenities to residents. The community is bordered by the communities of Marina del Rey and Ballona Creek to the north, Westchester to the east, and the Los Angeles International Airport and El Segundo to the south.

The large city of Los Angeles provides an exciting nightlife for residents looking to get away for an evening. Excellent shopping and dining can also be readily found throughout the area .


Education in Playa del Rey

Residents of Playa del Rey are served by Los Angeles Unified School District. The district is the largest in the state and one of the largest in the nation. The city is specifically served by Board District Four, a section of the larger district. Due to its large size, the district has had a reputation for overcrowded schools. However, ambitious renovation projects in recent years have let the district see significant improvement in these areas.

There are also several opportunities for alternatives to the public education system found within the Playa del Rey area. These include everything from a private Catholic high school to magnet schools that are focused on the sciences to an academic program that allows parents in Playa del Rey to send their children to Wiseburn schools on inter-district transfers. 


Economy in Playa del Rey

Playa del Rey is a mostly residential area without a significant number of businesses, making it great for residents who prefer a laidback lifestyle away from the direct hustle and bustle of the city. The area has seen significant growth over the past decades, but still remains a smaller and quieter community than the larger, neighboring cities.

A select number of local businesses can be found in Playa del Rey, employing residents who prefer to work close to come. These businesses are mainly restaurants and small shops providing essentials to residents. Other shops in the area provide services to residents, including beauty shops and repair services.

Just beyond Playa del Rey, in neighboring larger cities, an entirely new range of businesses can be found. Many residents who do not work for local businesses commute to downtown Los Angeles. The community is known for its close proximity to Los Angeles International Airport, making an ideal location for those who travel frequently.