Google Homes: Homes Easy Commute To Google

Google Homes ImageWe have created this easy to use search for all of our Google innovators. We like fresh ideas and progressive thinking too. That is why we created this home search for our local Google employees. Silicon Beach Homes knows the neighborhoods surrounding the infamous Google binoculars and the soon to be Playa Vista campus.

Let us make your home search as easy as using Google.  These homes are located within minutes to Google's Silicon Beach locations. Beat the Traffic drama in the morning. Buying a home close to your Google work place will make your daily work routine easier and far more satisfying.  All of these homes are selected based on the ease of the commute to either Google, Venice or Google, Playa Vista.

Updated daily, these potential forever homes are prefect for google peeps that want be within a close and easy commute to work. We serve countless Tech employees (including Google) find housing in the area. With a user friendly and tech savvy site. We have been able to help local Techies become more apart of the community they work in, by securing their forever home here locally too.

Local techies understand that the Silicon Beach Community is here to stay. There are countless new projects and major growth underway. We offer a fresh approach to Real Estate and this is just one example of how we do that for our clients.

The Silicon Beach real estate market is always a great place to make your forever home investment. 

Google Homes: Homes Easy Commute To Google